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Posted by Dan Roe
Dan Roe

Net_of_tesseractWelcome to Hypercube, the new official blog of Ross School.

Why Hypercube? Well, for one, it’s a pretty catchy name for a blog. More to the point, a hypercube, sometimes referred to as a tesseract, is a shining example of complexity. And an impossible object accessible only via the medium of tessellated Euclidean geometry seemed like a fitting metaphor for the Ross perspective.

The architects of Ross School’s Spiral Curriculum, historian William Irwin Thompson and chaos mathematician Ralph Abraham, recognized that the massive spasms of change that make up the drama of history are taking on a greater degree of complexity and speed in our current era. It was their basic assertion that for a school to properly prepare young people not only for today’s world but also for the world of the future, students must come away from their education with a complex understanding of phenomena. In essence, the world is complex, so simple approaches to understanding just won’t cut it.

The Hypercube blog is a window into the tesseractic honeycomb of ideas that permeate the Ross experience, each post a plane in a spiraling fractal pattern. Students, teachers, and staff will be posting on an infinite variety of subjects—history, economics, media, science, art, video games, Bach, cheese, cryptozoology, race car design, the finer points of cat grooming, you name it—and we’ll occasionally dig back into the archives to share timeless treasures. In addition, we’ll keep everyone up to date about the exciting things happening on campus.

So subscribe, or just check back when the mood strikes you, to see what sort of ideas and insights our community has to offer.



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Posted by Dan Roe

Dan Roe is Director of Communications at Ross School. As Assistant Director of Media at Ross Institute, Dan oversaw the development of Ross School's K–12 media studies curriculum. He was a contributing cartoonist at The New Yorker and his short films have screened at Slamdance and The Hamptons International Film Festival. He is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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