Students of Truth

Posted by Dan Roe
Dan Roe

CJR LogoThe Columbia Journalism Review, a magazine operating out of Columbia University's School of Journalism, recently published the story of Ross School's innovative Media Studies and Technology (MST) program. MST has always been a cornerstone of the Ross model and, given the visionary minds behind the development of Ross and its curriculum, "media literacy at Ross was always highly experimental," as the article states.

Along with a brief history of the evolution of the program, the article provides a detailed breakdown of MST's current incarnation while situating it in a larger political context. The article also offers a succinct primer to the field of media studies in general. Read the full story, "Students of Truth," here.

Topics: Media Studies, Technology, Journalism

Posted by Dan Roe

Dan Roe is Director of Communications at Ross School. As Assistant Director of Media at Ross Institute, Dan oversaw the development of Ross School's K–12 media studies curriculum. He was a contributing cartoonist at The New Yorker and his short films have screened at Slamdance and The Hamptons International Film Festival. He is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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