The Nexus Lecture Series—Professor Johannes Wagemann

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On Saturday, May 4, The Nexus Lecture Series continued with a presentation on the structure and role of mental action in the evolution of consciousness by Professor Johannes Wagemann of Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences. Dr. Wagemann draws on multiple disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, and philosophy in his exploration of perception, cognition, and social interaction. Building on his background in physics, engineering, and mathematics, Dr. Wagemann has developed a transdisciplinary approach to the mind–brain problem at University Witten-Herdecke that bridges the gap between science and spirituality. Dr. Wagemann has presented his work at many international conferences and has been published in countless international journals, including Frontiers in Psychology, Mind and Matter, and European Psychologist.

In his lecture at Ross School, Dr. Wagemann presented an overview of the relationship between modern science and the evolution of consciousness and a look into his own research on perception and mental action, and concluded by outlining his proposed solution to the mind–brain problem. This solution, Dr. Wagemann holds, suggests the possibility of the emergence of the integral stage in the evolution of consciousness originally proposed by Jean Gebser. "The evolution of consciousness proceeds through different characteristic periods, similar to human biographies and . . . our ongoing mental life." The integral stage of human consciousness, as Dr. Wagemann proposes, hinges on conscious mental action and self-knowledge. His research produced ample strategies for individuals to begin practicing self-aware mental action and to integrate perception, spirituality, and social development in their everyday lives.

Watch Dr. Wagemann's entire presentation below:

The Nexus Lecture Series – Professor Johannes Wagemann


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