Pens or Pencils: The Ultimate Showdown

Hello! This is Pearl here, back again bringing you more utter nonsense. In this installment, I will be discussing one of the most divisive topics..

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The Longest, Hardest, and Most Influential Books I Have Read at Ross

Of all the books I have read throughout my 15 years at Ross, Mansfield Park, Heart of Darkness, and Machiavelli’s The Prince are the three novels..

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The Pros and Cons of Amazon Echoes

The Amazon Echo: it plays your music, it tells you the weather, it reminds you that the big game is about to start. As an owner, I have found the..

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Our Inability to Do Nothing

By now, we all know that cellphones probably aren’t the best for us. And yet, millions of people worldwide use them constantly. Part of the reason..

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Pollen: The Dread Season is Nigh

Buds are appearing on the trees here in New York, and birdsong is steadily taking over for my alarm clock. Those of you with allergies know that..

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